Mahesh P. Pudasaini, PhD

Mahesh Prasad Pudasaini, PhD

Executive Officer

Mahesh Prasad Pudasaini, PhD, PAg, is a Director at Solution Agrology Service Ltd. British Columbia, Canada. He is a founding partner of the Kanna Academy and brings 25 years of Agrology experiences in various crop production technologies including cannabis. He is a registered Professional Agrologist in British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA), Canada. He has three MSc degrees in Sciences (Botany, Nepal; Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Belgium and Plant Pathology, Belgium). He obtained his PhD degree in Applied Biological and Agriculture Sciences in 2006 from Gent University, Belgium. Dr. Pudasaini served as Botanist in his early career and then as Plant Pathologist in Nepal before working as Agriculture Research and Extension Scientist in the University of Idaho, Idaho, USA from 2010 through 2014. In 2015, Dr. Pudasaini moved to Canada and since then working as Agriculture Consultant as well as in R&D of in-vitro plant production (Tissue culture, bioreactor, etc.). Dr. Pudasaini also worked with Canadian multinational Cannabis Corporation in R&D for cultivation as well as in plant health for indoor cultivation facilities, greenhouses and fields. Dr. Pudasaini also provides consulting services in seed to harvest cannabis technology along with other crops. Dr. Pudasaini has studied the phenotypes and performance of more than 300 cannabis genetics that includes both medicinal and recreational type. Dr. Pudasaini is also working with Plant tissue culture and has developed protocols for more than 250 plant varieties. Currently, he is working on Plant tissue culture protocol development for cannabis, gape vines and hazel nuts. He has worked on vast numbers of agricultural, horticultural and perennials crops in Nepal, West Europe and the North Americas. Dr. Pudasaini is bringing his wide experiences and expertise on genetics, cultivation, integrated pest and nutrient management, harvest and post harvest technologies of cannabis to name a few to the Kanna academy.